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Cloth-Bound Limited Special Edition
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This limited special edition is bound in a sandy-colored cloth, featuring the And Every Day Was Overcast logo on the front cover and foil stamping on the spine. Each copy signed and numbered by author Paul Kwiatkowski. Extras include an exclusive vinyl album of the soundtrack in a handsome sleeve and a signed photographic print.
iPad Special Edition
Featuring an Original Soundtrack
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on October 15th!
Each chapter in this iPad-only digital edition contains an original soundtrack, created by the book’s author, featuring Florida field recordings, interviews, animal sounds, ambient noise, and electronic music tones. Kwiatkowski’s high-resolution images come alive on the iPad’s retina display, and some contain hidden interviews with women who grew up in--and out of--Kwiatkowski’s acid-soaked Florida parking lots and convenience stores.  
Trade Paperback
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The trade edition will feature french flaps and be printed on high quality paper with full color photographs positioned within the text throughout the book. This is your new favorite NSFW coffee table book.
Formatted and priced specifically for your black-and-white eReader, this stripped-down edition of Overcast contains just one image per chapter and the full text of the novel. It’s a steal at $6.99.
Available in Bookstores Everywhere October 15th 2013